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National Newspaper Olympiad is an aspiring initiative with the simple motto “Read Newspaper, Gain Knowledge” This initiative is for the people that care enough about day-to-day events all around the world.

NNO looks forward to giving the reading newspaper a meaning to the students so that they become interested to find out the true beauty of a black and white paper which contains information that are colorful.

NNO serves to achieve a greater goal. Our plan is to reach millions of people. We want people to realize that the newspaper is not just a piece of paper, but something that can furnish one’s thinking. Until then, support us and stay tuned!


We arrange an olympiad based on Newspaper that encourages people to read the newspaper more and more.


Media skill development

We work on the development of skills related to media that helps in preparing people in the media field for the future.



We arrange various kinds of workshops for the overall development of our team members.



Trained-up people are the assets of any organization that we prepare for various events and cases.

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Our Journey

Connecting Youths

We connected thousands of youth with newspaper


Way to Journey

We built the largest media learning platform


Media Summit

Organized the biggest media summit of Bangladesh


Season 3

Organized biggest olympiad event of Bangladesh


Our Concerns

Media Probe

Media Probe, a research-based media consultancy agency. It works for finding out the best solution for your company's branding.

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NNO News

NNO News Portal is an initiative of NNO that encourages and promotes new writers in the national periphery.

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Learning Hub

NNO Learning Hub is a platform, where everyone shares instructive content , various educational matters.

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